Fleshlight Hacks That Will Make You Scream in Pleasure

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Probably one of the best products to hit the sex scene since edible panties is the fleshlight. Made to look and feel like the real thing, fleshlight can provide guys and girls with hours of pleasure all by your lonesome. If you want to go ahead and take it to the next level, here are some simple tricks, tips and hacks we’ve learned by reviewing a ton of them that you have to try:

Add Some Heat – To get the same sensation that you would from a hot chick, a fleshlight needs to get hot like she does. Some guys have figured out ways to hack the heat element by wrapping the fleshlight inside of a heating blanket. This of course has some serious downfalls, which is why fleshlight come up with the idea to release a sleeve warmer to take care of the heat problem for you.

The Vacuum Effect – Some guys get off on the feel like someone is sucking them, which is not the same sensation as the one a fleshlight provides. To get around this they create a vacuum seal around the case, using any tight fitting glass jar. It takes a bit of work getting inside, but once that tight vacuum seal takes hold, you’ll forget about the hack and just get off on your jack.

The Vibrator – The fleshlight has enough loose “flesh” around the sides that it is easy to turn it into a vibrating device. Just cut slits into the slides and then glue them together to create pockets. Put a vibro bullet inside of the pocket and let the vibrating pleasure begin. (Actually, they just released a version just for this. See it here.)

Spin Your Way to Excitement – This one sounds scary at first, but it can be very pleasurable if you are careful. You have to drill two small holes into the fleshlight case, one at the center of the bottom and then another in the center of the case. Now use a piece of metal bent at a 90 degree angle and pass it through the two holes. Now you can use the end of the metal wire like a drill bit, and use a drill to spin it around.


Too Tight – If you want a tighter grip from your fleshlight, simply wrap a 3 inch bicycle tube around it. This provides just the right amount of extra friction some guys need to reach a climax by themselves. You can also try inserting it onto the opposite end of the case, pulling it out and over about two inches to get that tight feel the moment you enter.

Of course nothing beats the real thing, but if you read some fleshlight reviews online, you’ll find that some come pretty darn close. Customize yours however you want, and you’ll be looking forward to each of your “date” nights with your new friend.

Red Hot Summer Lipsitck

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Red Hot Summer Lipsitck

reparing-791413_640I drove for what seemed to be hours, when my piece of shit car broke down. When I looked at my phone, I realized it had only been 20 minutes since I set off to deliver this package.

I decided to walk to the post office and I have been walking in the scorching sun, when a red car honked and stopped right by me. A young girl, still little older than me, maybe around 21 years old, was checking at me through her car window.

“Where are you headesummer-girl-red-car-440d off, cowboy?” she said in a smooth, sexy voice. “I have to deliver this package to the post office and my car broke down a couple of miles from here. Hey… Would you give me a lift?”

“Sure thing, sweetheart, jump on aboard” she said with a gleam in her blue eyes.

I sat right by her side, and watched mesmerized at her thighs rubbing against each other in a short white skirt as she was driving both of us down the road, through this nowhere between two towns.

How old are you?” she asked.

I will be seventeen in September” I said.

Oh, you are so young… So, how’s school? How are the girls treating you?

There’s this one girl, Jane, we are sort of dating.

Have you ever had sex?” she inquired smiling and looking away.

“Um… Sure” I said, “a lot of times.

But she saw right through me. I have never had sex before, as Jane was scared of it.

Liar” she said and stopped her car.

Show me” she demanded. I blushed red. My cheeks were redder than her car and her lipstick as I could see myself in the review mirror.

Couple-Kissing-in-Car-wShe bit on her bright red lip and jumped from her seat and kissed me and I kissed her back. Then while she was staring at my eyes, she gently unbuttoned my pants and took out my cock. She kissed me on the lips and then she kissed my cock and then she licked and sucked my dick as I moaned. My dick was so hard, so big, but she swallowed it whole and I could feel her warm breath on my balls and thighs. Her warm saliva ran down my erected dick. With my hand I reached under her skirt and the moment I felt her warm, soft pussy and her wet panties, I came right in her mouth. She didn’t say a word, but swallowed my cum like a good girl and then wiped some of it off her mouth and even got some of it in her lovely blond hair. She looked at me and smiled. She smeared some of that red lipstick on her soft cheek and I kissed her on her cheek.

I’ll see you around, cowboy” she said and winked at me as I was getting out of her car.

Sure thing, sweetheart” I said, and winked right back at her.

Just as I crossed the street, I saw Jane. “Didn’t know you wore lipstick” said Jane, teasing me. “Oh, it must be the cherry juice” I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and kissed her. But what she didn’t know is that I had some on my dick, too.